Ars Poetica

My Ars Poetica is a poem about what I think poetry is or what it does, what it represents, and what influences my own poetry. It follows many other Ars Poetica, from Horace to modern poets. It is my contribution to an old discussion and introduced by one of my favourite quotes from William Wordsworth’s … More Ars Poetica

Follow the Foxgloves

The best thing about staying in the middle of nowhere this summer is the incredible views. Wales is amazing. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes that I’ve ever seen. I followed a trail near my uncle’s house today, one which had clusters of foxgloves leading the way, and their purple stood out beautifully … More Follow the Foxgloves

Helios – A Poem

20.06.17 Helios bathes us in waves Of light, parting our clouds And settling on our skin Like a weightless woollen blanket. He draws the sweat from our pores, Salts the cuts and stings Left behind by bees and nettles While we dance beneath his chariot.


  Mên-an-Tol was written for my creative writing portfolio last term and it’s one of my favourite short stories. If I told you what inspired it then it would ruin the plot, but it follows a folklore tale tied to Mên-an-Tol in Cornwall. I hope you like it. Mên-an-Tol No one ever expects their bedtime stories … More Mên-an-Tol

Shades of Green

I intended to share these photographs months ago but never got around to writing about them. I was trying to think of something interesting to say, but really, they’re just images of some of my favourite places. And they’re green; I really like green. From the hills of Abergavenny, to a balcony in Paris, I … More Shades of Green

Black & White

Today, things look better in black and white. I wish I could shroud the world in a layer of grey. No colours, no luminosity, reduce the bright lights, and just exist in a sort of shade. I went out into the garden to just breathe, take a minute to exist outside my home, my life, and … More Black & White